Places to Visit in and Around Chikmaglur

Come summer we want to pack our bags to hill stations and this time it was Chikmagalur. I came across that few folks from were leaving to Chikmagalur and I readily joined them. Our cars left from Bangalore and zoomed through Channarayapatna, Hassan, Belur and it was nearly past 2pm when we reached Chikmagalur. Most of the houses situated among coffee plantations now functions as home stays and so was ours. They offer solitude, with simple home cooked meals, surrounded by coffee plants and extremely humble owners. There was no respite from sun but thankfully there were lot more trees and greenery unlike the city.

Chikmagalur - Coffee Estates

Chikmagalur – Coffee Estates

Chikmagalur has a variety of places to offer as sight seeing. There are plenty of water falls, peaks to climb, lake to sit by and watch, wildlife safari trails, coffee plantation trails, few temples; something for everyone. More than visiting the place itself, it is the drive through winding hills and forests that one can enjoy. Every place is miles apart, you need to have your own vehicle and significant amount of time goes in driving to the place. With evening falling in and me being a sunset lover, we decided to drive down to AyyanaKere.

AyyanaKere Lake

The second largest lake in Karnataka and so it seemed filled with water even during this parching summer. But a native told me that during monsoon the lake will be so full that some of the steps leading to the lake will be submerged. It is around 25kms from Chikmagalur town and when we reached the place there were hardly anyone around. It is not really a tourist destination and the approach road is narrow. But the place looks clean and nice cemented benches are provided to sit and enjoy the peace. The lake is surrounded by mountains and there is the tall conical peak of Shakunagiri to the right. The serenity of the place, the wind brushing your face, the sunset playing colors; all made it one memorable evening. We decided to leave once the darkness started to envelop. This place is pretty isolated; so solo travel is not really advisable and so is staying after dark.

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