Incredible Hill Stations that You Shouldn’t Miss

The incredible number of hill stations in Karnataka makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Being the 8th largest Indian State, Karnataka is not merely known for its gushing waterfalls, mighty monuments and impeccable shrines, but also for its surreal hill stations.

These hilly hamlets provide to be an ideal choice for short- relaxing holiday. Karnataka Hill Stationsare blessed to have the beautiful views of Western Ghats and the swaying landscapes, which enormously contributes to attracting thousands of nature lovers and adventure junkies each year.

These famed hill stations are not only popular with India, but also amid the International travellers who come to these mountains for beauty, thrill and peace. The hill stations of Karnataka offer a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of fast paced city life. Moreover, these beautiful hill stations are a delight for bird watchers and wildlife aficionado.

Here are some of the best hill stations in Karnataka:

  • B R Hills

     B R Hills

    A favoured escape amongst Bangaloreans, BR Hills welcomes you with balmy weather, nature thrills and a tryst with the jungle. Plopped in the YelandurTaluk of Chamarajanagar district, this is among the salubrious hill stations in Karnataka and is also known as Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary.

    Sprawling on an area of 540 sq km, it reflects the splendour of eastern most part of the Western Ghats.  Another golden feature of the place is that it was declared as the protected tiger reserve under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.

    Best time to visit: June – November, December – March

    Attractions: Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple, BRT Wildlife Sanctuary and Big Champak Tree

    Activities: Trekking, Sightseeing, Elephant and Jeep Safaris

  • Chikmagalur


    The ‘land of coffee’ or Chikmagalur stands gracefully on the Mullayanagiri Range. Scenic landscapes, captivating hills, lush coffee plantations and salubrious nature of this hill station makes it for a pleasant getaway in Karnataka. While its appealing hills peaks entices trekkers, adventure buffs and nature lovers, its pleasant climate makes it an ideal escapade for regular holidayers.

    Also known as the ‘younger daughter’s town’, peace and tranquillity that exists in this hilly retreat makes it one of the highly visited hill stations in Karnataka.

    Two of the most sought after destinations in Chikmagalur are:

    i) Kemmangundi

    Fringed by the picturesque Baba BudanGiri Range, Kemmanagundi was once the summer  retreat of the Maharaja of Mysore. Misty appeal, serene ambience, lush plantations, colourful gardens, stunning waterfalls and the splendid views of the hills and mountains of  this place make it for an ideal hiking destination. It is indeed one of the most hiked hill  stations in Karnataka and Chikmagalur as well.

    ii) Kudremukh
    Also known as the ‘horse faced mountain’ due to its shape, this is the third highest peak in  Karnataka. Known for its fascinating trekking trails, charming climate, pictorial waterfalls and  rich bio-diversity, it has also been declared as one of the National Parks in India.

    However, while opting for trekking in this region, the trekkers should follow certain rules and  guidelines laid by the local forest department. It is one of the eco-sensitive areas in Chikmagalur and the visitors should abide by all the possibilities to retain its beauty.

    Best time to visit: September-May

    Attractions: Baba BudanGiri Range, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary & Reservoir, Kalasa, Hebbe Falls and Khandya

    Activities: Trekking, Nature Trails, Waterfall Visits, Hiking, Homestays and Plantation Tours

  • Coorg


    Gracious and appealing in its own way, Coorg or ‘Kodagu’ is known for its mesmeric beauty and charm. Situated on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats, this enchanting hill station is adorned with aromatic spice plantations, lush paddy fields and never-ending patches of coffee plants.

    The colourful cultures and traditions of the locals, who are known to great warriors, are truly delights to witness and enjoy. Moreover the homely ambience of Coorg never allows the visitors to feel the pinch of being away from home. The source of the Krishna River, it is also one of the adventure hubs in Karnataka; enthusiasts from across the country visits Coorg for trekking, hiking and other similar adventure activities.

    Best time to visit: Throughout the year

    Attractions: Abbey Falls, Madikere Fort, Tadiyandamol Peak, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary and Dubare Elephant Camp

    Accommodations: Coorg homestays

    Activities: Trekking, Cycling, Hiking, Mountaineering, Waterfall Visits and Plantation Tours

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